What Is Arthritis And How Can It Be Treated?

What Is Arthritis

Arthritis is defined as a medical condition that causes pain and discomfort in bone joints, and it also restricts one’s movement of joints and muscles. Its symptoms include stiffness, swelling, inflammation and redness of joints. People suffering from arthritis have difficult bending their elbows and knees, walking or running, and engaging in any sort of exercise. Even the simplest movement, such as sitting down or standing, can be painful and annoying to deal with.


Early symptoms of arthritis can be difficult to identify. Arthritis typically afflicts older people, and since their muscles and bones are already weak, they may confuse it as merely symptoms of old age. Nonetheless, older patients should immediately seek a Doctor’s counsel if they believe that they are suffering symptoms of arthritis. The earlier arthritis is diagnosed, the more successful treatment typically is.

The problem is that even Doctors sometimes have difficult identifying arthritis. Many of the symptoms of arthritis are very similar to other conditions such as osteoporosis. Therefore, medical professionals typically rely on X-rays and laboratory tests to identify arthritis. Truthfully, identification of arthritis does mandate several visits to a Doctor. Most times, arthritis cannot be identified from just one brief visit.


The most widely utilized treatment for arthritis is pain pills such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Valium. Many arthritis patients are also seeking alternative treatments such as yoga, acupuncture, and Pilates. Many arthritis sufferers contend that yoga helps them relieve the pain and tenderness of arthritis. Furthermore, they argue that yoga combined with Pilates helps reduce the limited motion linked to arthritis. Unfortunately though, there is nothing to prove that these alternative treatments actually work. In fact, whereas some alternative treatments may work for one person, they may not work for somebody else.

Combating arthritis also entails staying happy. Oftentimes, arthritis will leave men and women depressed and stressed, unhappy at their inability to engage in physical activities that once seemed so simple. Although people are limited in their movement, they should still try going outdoors and maybe even to a gym. Bike riding, swimming, and tennis are all good choices. Some gyms also offer special aerobic classes to elderly and arthritis-suffering people.

It must also be noted that one should be cautious about choosing alternative treatments such as supplements. Not only are these not FDA approved as arthritis treatments, but they may contain chemicals and compounds, such as ephedrine, that are unhealthy for the body.

If you suspect you are suffering from arthritis, immediately seek a Doctor. If he prescribes you pain medications, stick to the dosage and schedule he chooses. But most importantly, stay confident and active. Nothing is worse than sitting around moping about the unfairness of life.