What Does FTP Stand For?

What Is FTP

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is essentially software that allows users to transfer data from one file system to another through the Internet. Any software company can technically develop their own FTP client because FTP is considered an ‘open protocol.’ Therefore, you may discover a countless number of FTP software available for free throughout the entire. The best FTP software, however, is usually sold due to increased functionality.

FTP allows you to upload files, download files, rename files, and move files from a remote location. In fact, your web browser can potentially be used as a basic FTP tool. Internet Explorer, for example, can be used to log onto FTP sites, read files, and download files. For more increased functionality, however, I recommend finding and downloading an actual FTP application. FTP applications are designed specifically for file transferring, and so they are easier and quicker to operate.

FTP is especially popular with website designers. By using FTP, designers can log directly into the backbone of a website and handle files directly. This makes it simple to edit pages, make new pages, and remove old pages. Because website management requires handling so many files, FTP provides a much needed convenience. Technically, if a server allows it, a developer can be logged onto the site through FTP all day long. Anytime a change must be made, the site’s files are immediately available for access.

To log onto a site through FTP, you will need a username and password. You can’t just FTP into any site all willy-nilly. You must have authorized access given to you by either the Webmaster, or the company hosting the website. Hacking into a system through FTP is very illegal can could involve being sentenced to prison. Lesson of the day: Only FTP into sites that you have permission to access.

If your computer is connected directly to the Internet, you could technically FTP into your own computer from a remote location. How crazy is that? However, be aware that you will need to download and install specialized FTP server software. These are usually sold at fairly expensive prices. However, it can be extremely useful if you work at home. If you are out of town, for instance, and need a file stored on your PC, you could just FTP into your computer and grab it.

FTP is obviously an incredibly useful tool for transferring files. It has made the process of transferring files very quick and easy.