Fun Thanksgiving Day Trivia Quiz For The Kids 2015

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

Maybe you want to teach your children about Thanksgiving in a fun way. Or maybe you’re just bored to tears. Regardless, here are a batch of fascinating trivia questions concerning your favorite holiday! Best of all, I’ve organized them into different categories. Enjoy!

The Basics

1. When is Thanksgiving celebrated?

A. November 28th

B. The first Thursday in November

C. The second Thursday in November

D. The third Thursday in November.

E. The fourth Thursday in November.


It’s E! Ironically enough, however, the fourth Thursday is oftentimes the 28th!


2. Why is Thanksgiving celebrated?

A. To give thanks for a good harvest.

B. To express gratitude in general.

C. As an excuse to eat a lot.

D. All of the Above


It’s D. Technically, it’s only A and B, but so many people love to stuff their tummys full on Thanksgiving that I felt it only fair to include C!


3. What do you call the day after Thanksgiving?

A. Winter Solstice

B. Fat Friday

C. Wampanoag Day

D. Black Friday


It’s D! It also happens to be the first official day of the Christmas season.


4. Which food item isn’t a common Thanksgiving delicacy?

A. Turkey

B. Pumpkin or Pecan Pie

C. Sweet Potatoes or Yams

D. Fried Chicken

E. Cranberry Sauce

F. Stuffing

G. Ham

H. Mashed Potatoes

I. Lasagna

J. D and I

K. D and G

L. E and H


It’s D. Though it’s okay to eat anything for Thanksgiving (I once had pizza!), the traditional modern menu calls for turkey, pie, taters, sauce, stuffing, ham, and a bit more. The irony is that the first-ever Thanksgiving featured almost none of these items.



1. When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

A. 1863

B. 1492

C. 1621

D. 1744


It’s B. The first Thanksgiving was shared between Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. It featured a variety of fun games, song and dance, and exotic foods.


2. What sort of bird didn’t make it onto the Pilgrims’ dinner table at the first Thanksgiving?

A. Turkey

B. Bald Eagle

C. Duck

D. Goose


It’s B! The pilgrims dined on scrumptious turkey, duck, and goose.

3. Where was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

A. Raleigh, NC

B. Los Angeles, California

C. Plymouth, Massachusetts

D. Chicago, IL


It’s A! They celebrated in Plymouth, though I still swear Raleigh is the best city of them all ;-).


4. When was Thanksgiving declared a Holiday?

A. 1863

B. 1941

C. 1882

D. 1963


It’s A! Though it wasn’t actually put into law until 1941, Abraham Lincoln initially ‘declared’ it a holiday way back in 1863. It was kind of a trick question (wink wink).



1. What do you call a female turkey?

A. A Cuckoo

B. A Rooster

C. A Hen

D. A Chick


It’s D!


2. What do you call a male turkey?

A. A Chuck

B. A Gary

C. A Tom

D. A Harvey


It’s C!


3. What do you call the skin hanging from a turkey’s neck?

A. A Wattle

B. A Swaggle

C. A Snarkle

D. A Badunkadunk


It’s D!


I hope you enjoyed this quiz!