My Personal Tale of Alcoholism: Let’s Get Some Beer, Dude!


I think it is strange how our thought processes can become so distorted through alcohol. I recently stopped drinking and it felt like my mind was clearing up a little bit each and every day. Back in the day, while I was still drinking, my friends would always say, “Hey, lets get some beer, dude!” And, surprisingly enough, I always replied with, “Heck yah!” The irony lies in the fact that “some beer” quickly became LOTS of beer. We would scarf down a 24-pack of beer in a heartbeat.

Did my behavior constitute me as an alcoholic? I am not sure, but I certainly did drink a lot. After ten years of heavy drinking, I suddenly realized that it had become too much. My daily plans revolved around my drinking habits. I would have rather gone out and got drunk than spend a sober evening on a date. And I felt like I was fine because I avoided liquor. I stuck with beer because I enjoyed the taste, or so I thought. It never occurred to me that I had a problem. My judgment was too clouded for me to come to that realization.

Then just the other night, I had the opportunity to reminisce with an old drinking buddy. During our conversation, I had an incredible revelation hit me right smack in the face. I talked to my friend about how crazy it was that we would crank out a 24-pack of beer in just one night. Then, I turned right to him and said, “Ted, I purchased a 24-pack of Mountain Due the other afternoon. Never could I imagine myself sitting down and chugging the whole case in just one night. Yet, I use to do essentially the same thing with beer.” It was during this conversation that it hit me. During the many years that I drank 12 and 24 packs in just one night, I obviously was not thinking clear at all. In fact, I wasn’t even close to thinking clearly. My mind was too clouded.

As strange as it is that alcohol distorts our perceptions so much, it is equally strange how our mind and thought processes can clear up so quickly when we pursue sobriety. If you drink everyday, seriously make an effort to just take three days off from drinking. You will be amazed at how your body and mind reacts. And don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself waking up actually feeling refreshed instead of entirely drained! It is amazing what NOT DRINKING ALCOHOL can do for us!

So don’t be a statistic – follow my lead and quit drinking today!