Six Mole Removal Options For The Average Person

Mole Removal Options

In the past, moles were considered a special gift from God. People would even predict the future based on the location of a mole. Nowadays, moles aren’t viewed so kindly as before. Moles are considered ‘beauty marks’ in certain instances, such as the mole that model Cindy Crawford unashamedly flaunts on her face. In general though, moles are considered a disfiguring mark that hampers one’s natural beauty.

A mole can turn up anywhere on the body. Facial moles, body moles, and genital moles are all very common and afflict millions of people. Moles typically start thin and small, and then grow in thickness and size as a person ages. By the time one reaches middle age, a previously small and inconspicuous mole is likely to have transformed into a large and unsightly dark blob protruding from the skin. Imagine having a large, hairy mole sticking out on the tip of your nose or hanging off your chin. Not a very endearing thought, is it?

Furthermore, a mole can sometimes be the result of an oncoming skin cancer. It is for these various reasons that many men and women are desperate to find a way of removing moles completely off their face and body. There are presently three mole removal methods available to choose from: surgery, laser, and do it yourself mole removal with an over-the-counter natural mole removal lotion.

Surgery Mole Removal

Four types of surgeries can be used for mole removal. They include excision, cauterization, cryotherapy, and shaving.


Excision involves a trained dermatological surgeon utilizing a sharp blade to manually take out the mole. Afterwards, stitches are applied and constant sanitization of the area is necessary for up to a week. The cost of mole removal by excision is relatively cheap, at $25 to $100 per mole. The negative to skin mole removal by excision is that it tends to leave a noticeable scar where the mole once was. Truthfully though, most people prefer a mole removal scar in place of a big, nasty mole. Once a mole is successfully removed, it is then sent off to a laboratory to be tested for cancer.


Cauterization is the burning of a mole by a strong electrical current. It is a painful mole removal procedure that can leave the surrounding skin damaged. Furthermore, the cost of mole removal by cauterization tends to cost anywhere from $150 to $200 per mole. Cauterization is neither the safest mole removal method nor the best. But it is highly effective and does permanently remove the mole from the body.


Cryotherapy is a mole removal procedure that uses nitrous oxide to freeze the mole, thereby destroying it. Although an uncomfortable procedure, it is painless, requires no anesthesia, and is very cheap at only about $15 a pop. In addition, most insurance policies and even Medicaid cover skin mole removal by cryotherapy. Of all the available mole removal techniques, cryotherapy is considered the least effective and is known to cause a myriad of side effects. Many cryotherapy patients report experiencing skin irritation and blistering for up to 2 to 3 months after the surgery. Furthermore, cryotherapy should not be used for removing genital moles because the nitrous oxide can cause permanent harm to the genitals.


Shaving is by far the cheapest and safest mole removal method available. Unfortunately, shaving does not actually remove moles. A scalpel is used to shave off the top layers of the mole until it is flat and does not protrude from the skin anymore. To keep the mole entirely flat, shaving must be applied at least once a year. Similar to hair, a mole tends to grow back quicker after each shave.

Laser Mole Removal

Laser mole removal is the most expensive mole removal procedure presently available. It is priced at nearly $400 a mole, but it requires no anesthesia, it is entirely painless, and it leaves almost no scars. A slight scab does appear, but it quickly falls off in two weeks. The problem with laser mole removal is that it oftentimes does not entirely eradicate the mole because of the laser’s inability to penetrate deep enough into the skin. Laser mole removal does unfortunately also require several visits to complete. The reason a lot of people choose laser mole removal is simply to avoid the pain and discomfort involved with the other mole removal methods.

Do It Yourself Mole Removal

At home mole removal has become especially popular as of late. Many people are rushing to superstores like Walmart to purchase the latest natural skin mole removal products available. These products claim that the ingredients in them will destroy the mole in a matter of days. Do mole removal creams work though? I honestly couldn’t tell you.


Deciding to remove a mole can either be a medical or cosmetic matter. Sometimes a mole is cancerous and must be removed. Other times, a mole is removed simply to increase one’s natural attraction. Before selecting a mole removal technique, be aware of the associated risks and side effects. If you accept the risk and can afford the mole removal method, then go ahead and get it done if you so desire. But remember, a mole isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have numerous moles all over my face, body, and genitals. I’ve lived my whole life with them. When I was young, I would have given anything to have them removed. Now that I am grown, I have just grown use to them. I guess it comes down to what is more important to you: spending the time and money to remove your moles, or just accepting them as a part of you. It is up to you to decide which option is best for you.