How To Stop A Toothache With An Herbal Home Remedy

Toothache Herbal Home Remedies

There are several herbs that can be utilized to relieve toothache pain. Cloves or tarragon can make you more comfortable until there is a dentist available. Calendula or Yarrow can also provide relief. Cultures around the world have relied on herbs for years to provide relief from the pain of toothaches.

Inner bark from a tree, known as the butternut, provided relief from toothaches to Native Americans. This cousin to the black walnut is indigenous to North America. It can be found on the banks of rivers where the soil is rich and well drained or even in back yards. Fully grown trees can become quite tall, and their grey colored bark, and fruit and leaves similar to that of the black walnut make them easy to spot. As the Native Americans taught us, applying this inner bark directly to the gums can give you some temporary relief from pain.

The roots from the yarrow plant can also be utilized as a temporary anesthetic. Not only indigenous to North America, it can also be found growing wild in Asia or Europe. Look in fields or open woods, and apply this root to your gums or even the tooth. It should help bring some relief until you can see your dentist.

Clove is a tree that was once found only in tropical areas. Now this evergreen can be found throughout the world. The medicine of this plant is only found in the flower bud once it has dried. The oil from this bud can bring temporary relief from toothache when you apply it. Clove seems to be the most effective of the natural remedies, as the relief it brings is almost instantaneous.

For years, natural herbs were the only source of relief from toothache pain. Many years ago, the only relief that the local dentist could provide was a dose of alcohol to help kill the pain and a pair of pliers for extracting the tooth. Thankfully, the dentists of today have progressed beyond this, and can offer more relief. However, that doesn’t mean that the natural ways have to be discarded.

Herbs have proven their effectiveness in pain control for centuries. If you have a genuine interest in learning more about their effectiveness, you should discuss it with your dentist. He should be able to point you in the direction of the herbs that offer the most effectiveness and would be safe for you to use. That way the next time a toothache strikes, relief may be as close as your front yard.