How To Spot A Fake ID In New York

How To Spot Fake ID New York

Are you a bouncer at a club? Do you need help identifying fake IDs? The following lists detail some simple methods for determining if an ID is fake. The first list involves checking for ‘scratched’ or ‘laser altered’ IDs. The second list involves checking for dissimilar characteristics between the picture on the ID and the person who presents the ID.


1. With the ID in your hand, gently rub your thumb over each corner repeatedly. If it is indeed a genuine ID, this will cause no harm to it. If however, it is fake, then the weak laminate seal over it should begin to unravel.

2. If you are unable to peel the laminate, but you still are certain that it is fake, try holding the ID under a bright light. A true ID will only offer a very dull polish, whereas a fake ID is guaranteed to reflect brilliantly back at you.

3. Still not sure? Rub your thumb over the entire ID, checking for bubbles that may be under the laminate. Real IDs never have bubbles. They are tightly encased in the laminate. When people try to laminate a fake ID over a real ID, bubbles oftentimes appear.

4. Next, take a close look at the DOB. ID forgers tend to forget that the DOB is often displayed in a lighter ink than other components on the ID. Therefore, if they do not make that adjustment, the DOB will appear at the same tone as the rest of the ID. Although this is incredibly difficult to check for, it is a possibility to consider.

5. Last, check for discrepancies on the DOB. More often than not, you will see a ‘shadow’ over the DOB. This shadow is the old DOB. Consider if the original DOB was in 1990. The forger decides to change it to 1989. The 8 and 9 may have shadows underneath them that are not suppose to be there.


#1. First off, ignore changes in eye color, hairstyle, and accessories such as piercing. These tend to change often, especially with women.

#2. Check for BONE STRUCTURE. That is the easiest way to determine if an ID is fake. Bone structure NEVER changes. Cheekbones are your best bet.

#3. Do not consider size. People gain weight and lose weight. Furthermore, size is a very subjective measurement when considering the person’s distance to the camera taking their picture.