Halloween Safety Tips For Kids

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting and fun Holiday for children and parents alike, but it would be a horrible tragedy if such a joyous occasion were marred by some unspeakable mishap. Therefore, please take the time to ensure that your Halloween festivities are safe by following these simple safety tips for kids:

Make certain that your children’s costumes are non-flammable.

Make sure your children know how to stop, drop, and roll just in case of a fire.

Place some reflective tape on your children’s costumes so that they can be seen in the dark.

Make certain your children walk only on the sideways. And if they must cross the street, remind them to look both ways. Just because they can see a car’s bright lights glaring down on them doesn’t mean that whoever is in the car can see them.

If you are going along with your children, take a flashlight with you, especially if you go trick-or-treating late at night. In case they go alone (if they are old enough), equip the oldest with a flashlight.

Remind your children to not eat their candy until they come home and their candy has been inspected. Give them a bag of snacks to munch on in case they become hungry.

Inform your children that they should not approach homes that have no porch lights on. This indicates that this home isn’t participating in the Holiday and therefore has no candy to give out.

Tell your children to not, under any circumstances, go into a stranger’s home.

Provide a wireless phone so that your children can call home if an accident occurs. Also encourage them to call if they see anything strange or peculiar. If you don’t have a wireless phone, then purchase a phone card and let your oldest child hold onto it. Tell them to immediately find and use a payphone to call home if anything occurs.

Review the route that your children intend to take. Tell them to not detour from it.

In the case that your children are older (15+ or so) and you are letting them run free while you attend a party with your friends, colleagues, whatnot, then make certain they know where and how to reach you.

Tell your children to avoid taking shortcuts or going down dark alleys. Encourage them to stay in heavily populated areas that have a lot of other kids trick-or-treating too.

Most likely, nothing will happen and it will be another Halloween gone. But just in case, it never hurts to be prepared.