Contact Lens Safety Hazards You Need To Avoid

Contact Lens Safety Hazards

Contact lenses can radically transform the world around you. They alter both your vision and your appearance. However, improper use of your contact lenses can damage your vision and potentially leave you blind. Not thoroughly cleaning your lenses also places you at risk. If you are a contact lens user, then I highly advise you learn how to properly care for and use your lenses. It can make the difference between long-term vision and blindness.

First off, it is important to realize that the type of contacts you wear determines how it should be used:

Daily Wear Lenses

If you use daily wear lenses, then you must remove your lenses before you sleep. Failure to do so could irrevocably damage your eyes. The fact is that your eyes need a constant supply of oxygen to function correctly. When contact lenses are placed over your eyes, this oxygen flow is considerably reduced. But so long as your eyes stay open, enough oxygen penetrates the lenses to keep the eyes healthy. When you sleep, however, your eyes are closed and oxygen flow is therefore even further reduced. Extended use of daily wear contact lenses therefore deprives your eyes of much needed oxygen, and puts you at risk for an eye disorder.

Extended Wear Lenses

Extended wear contacts lenses, on the other hand, can be worn for up to 7 days straight. They are designed with holes that allow oxygen to flow more easily. However, don’t keep your lenses lodged in your eyes just because you technically can. If your eyes become red and irritated, remove your contacts immediately. Your eyes, much like the rest of your body, need rest too. In fact, I recommend never wearing your contacts for over 16 hours straight.

Second, your contacts need to be thoroughly cleansed and sanitized every time that you remove them from your eyes.

Can you imagine fungus growing around your eyes, gradually draining them of their sustenance? It isn’t a pretty site. To avoid this from occurring, you need to take proper care of your lenses. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

  • Before handling your lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. They should be completely free of dirt and bacteria.
  • After you remove your lenses, clean them with a fresh, FDA approved solution. Then place them into a contact lens container with fresh solution, tighten the lid, and leave them there for a few hours.
  • Never clean or soak your lenses in water, even if it is bottled. Water may contain harmful bacteria that could harm your eyes.
  • If your eyes start to get dry, wet your lenses with a solution like Visine. Do not use water to wet your eyes.

Contact lenses are an incredible invention. We need not rely on uncomfortable glasses anymore. Nonetheless, contact lenses can be very dangerous to your health if improperly used or inadequately cleaned. So if you choose to wear contact lenses, all I ask is that you use them wisely!