Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Brushing Your Teeth

We all learn to brush and floss our teeth at an early age. To brush your teeth correctly, you do not even need 2 minutes. Some adults do not even spend 1 minute brushing, while others turn it into a 5-minute chore. Ideally, your teeth cannot be cleaned in less than a minute, but investing 5 minutes is overkill. A kitchen timer set to 2 minutes would be an easy way to get the timing correct until you get used to it.

When brushing your teeth, use short strokes that are gentle. Make sure that you get the areas that are difficult to reach. Be sure to pay attention to get the area that lies between your teeth too. Spend a little extra time on eating areas, and get your gums in both the upper and lower areas. If you take the time to focus on getting every area, then every area will get cleaned.

Toothpaste selection is an important part of brushing too. There are toothpastes available for almost any condition. There are toothpastes to combat sensitivity, help stop toothaches, prevent tartar build up and even help prevent gingivitis. Ask your dentist what type he uses, and what type he would recommend for you. The correct toothpaste is one of the best protections you can have for your teeth.

Selecting the correct toothbrush is imperative for proper brushing. While there are many types and brands available, one of the most important things you can look for are soft bristles. Soft bristles will allow you to clean your teeth properly, will bend and flex to get all areas, and will be gentle on your gums. Another important feature is the size of the head. A smaller head will allow easier access to the places that are more difficult to reach.

Don’t forget that you will need to replace your brush when it begins to show wear or every few months. Replacing it after a cold or virus will help prevent you from becoming sick again. Toothbrushes that are worn can have a negative impact on your gum health by tearing away at them. The small tears can lead to increased sensitivity.

Start your road to correct brushing by following the recommendations of your dentist. Brushing correctly can help prevent dental problems down the road by keeping your teeth healthy. Don’t assume that since you are brushing correctly that you will never have to see a dentist again, because regular checkups are still important. However, brushing correctly is the first step to dental health!