Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Birthday Kids Party Ideas

Are you and your kids sick of the same, boring birthday parties each year? Would you like some fresh, new, and innovative solutions? Well, I have a list of quirky kid birthday party ideas that are original, unconventional, and bound to have your kids grinning in glee. Don’t let other parents outdo you anymore. It is time to fight back!

Honestly, there are thousands of potential themes to select from. Don’t be afraid to try something entirely new that nobody has ever even heard of. First begin with traditional party equipment (cups, plates, balloons, cupcakes). Then, start choosing out supplies specific to your theme. If you can’t find any, just make some. Suppose you are having a sea-pirate party and are unable to locate pirate gears. Sew the outfits yourself and then have the kids make their own hats out of construction paper. In fact, the hat-making could be a part of the party itself. It will be fun and give the kids something to do while you prepare their fantastic meal.

And do not be afraid to utilize ‘adult’ decorations. For instance, a ‘princess’ party should come with purses, jewels, fancy gloves, twinkling lights, etc. Or if you are having a cowboy party, try buying fake guns. It may seem gruesome, but what kind of cowboy party doesn’t have guns? Your kids and their friends will love running around and ‘pow powing’ themselves over and over again.

Also decorate the home to match the theme. If pursuing a fairy theme, then hang vines from the ceiling, place fake plants around the home, put fake toadstools on the carpet, and have your kids make butterflies out of construction paper, and hang them from the ceiling as well. The key to a themed, innovative party is to make your home fit the theme. That means adjusting your environment so that it fits with the subject matter. For a barnyard party, for instance, your kids can cut out paper pigs, horses, and chickens, and then tape them to the wall. Make your entire living room a barnyard. Just don’t treat it like an actual barnyard!

The key is to not be afraid to go beyond the norm. Expand your horizon. Try new things. And most importantly, make sure party so awesome that all the kids are like, “WOWWWW!”

To start you off, I have made a list of party ideas. Don’t be afraid to expand on them though. In parenthesis, you’ll find possible expansions of the original idea.

#1. Sea Pirate Party (Captain Jack’s Party)

#2. Country Cowboy Party (Jesse James Party)

#3. Fairy Princess Party (Cinderella Party)

#4. Superhero Party (Megaman Party)

#5. Dinosaur Party (Hercules & Xena Warrior Princess Party)