Benefits Of Flossing: Why You Should Be Flossing Daily!

Benefits Of Flossing

Are you flossing daily? There are areas in and around your teeth that a toothbrush simply can’t reach, and the only way to get the debris, not to mention the plaque, out of these areas is to floss. If you simply let this plaque accumulate, then tooth decay will eventually set in. That is what makes flossing such an important step. If you learn to follow up brushing your teeth with flossing them, you will quickly notice the difference in the way that your mouth feels afterward.

There are two basic types of floss. The first is nylon, and it is relatively inexpensive comes in waxed or unwaxed varieties and several different flavors. However, the nylon floss is made up of several pieces of nylon thread woven together. These threads can shred or tear apart and get caught on sharp pieces of tooth. The second type of floss is the single filament floss. It is a little more expensive, but it readily slides over even the most hard to reach places, and will never shred apart or tear while flossing.

Using either type of floss regularly is going to have the same effect; it will remove the plaque and debris that your toothbrush missed from the area of your teeth and gums. If you have never used floss before, you will probably be astonished at just what your toothbrush misses. Dentists recommend it highly because it can go places that no toothbrush could ever reach. The accumulation of debris and plaque that can occur if you do not take the time to floss, make it urgent that you remember it daily.

You should be warned going in that flossing may cause your gums to bleed while you are doing it. While this alarms many people, it is actually quite normal. Think of it this way, you are deep cleaning your gums, and this means that the floss will be directly contacting a very sensitive area. So, don’t take it as a warning sign that you should stop, simply as a sign that you are cleaning the area thoroughly.

Many of you may think that simply brushing is enough. However, no matter how thoroughly you brush it is impossible to reach every area of your mouth. This is why floss was designed, and why it is so important that we use it.

While regular dental visits will help you maintain optimal tooth health, the responsibility of the daily care of your teeth is yours. So, put aside your fear of the possibility of bleeding, and pick up your floss. After all you will only realize the true potential of how clean your mouth can feel, when you begin a daily regimen of brushing followed by flossing.