What Is Asthma And How Can It Be Prevented?

Preventing Asthma

More than ten million people across America are currently diagnosed with Asthma. It is gradually becoming a nation-wide epidemic. Most people with asthma attribute their symptoms to pollution, not to mention an overall increase in toxins parading through our air. Not recognizing asthma at an early stage can even result in eventual death. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult with a physician in case you note any asthmatic symptoms.

Asthma causes our lung airways to swell, expel large quantities of music and eventually just spasm. This gradual swelling ironically causes the airways to become smaller, therefore resulting in difficulties with breathing. Initial signs of asthma can include congestion in the lungs, pain, coughing and wheezing, shortness of breath, your mouth feeling dry and even a fever. These can also be the signs of bronchitis. Either way, it needs to be treated immediately. Prolonged bronchitis can inevitably lead to asthma.

Unfortunately, nearly anything can cause asthma. Typical triggers include simple allergies, respiratory infections such as bronchitis, too much exercise and over exertion and of course, an inadequate diet. Allergies are the number one cause.

More often than not, pollutants such as tobacco smoke, gaseous odors, automobile exhaust and even pollen can cause an asthma attack. Surprisingly enough, even foods such as chocolate and dairy products can trigger an attack. In fact, certain antibiotics and medicines can also prompt asthma. Unfortunately, asthma is a highly serious condition that millions of Americans suffer from and live with on a daily basis.

Fortunately, consumption of certain supplements, vitamins and minerals can prevent and help treat asthma. Most important of all is vitamin B. It helps reduce the intensity of an asthma attack. In addition, vitamin A and E can be utilized to protect your lungs from air pollution. Vitamin C and ginkgo biloba are also effective for the battle against asthma. These are just a few of the options available.

If you suspect that you may be afflicted with asthma, do not hesitate for a moment to seek your doctor and get tested. Your doctor can let you know whether you have it, and how intense it is. Even if you do not have it, still attempt to avoid the above triggers that we discussed. Also, maintain a diet rich with protein, fruits and vegetables. I would also recommend a daily Centrum tablet as well to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

In general, asthma is a very stressful and outright annoying condition. Thankfully, methods do exist to aid you in your battle for control of your body. I recommend first speaking with your Doctor and then also performing your own thorough research on all the methods to treat asthma. Just remember, asthma can surely be prevented. And, if you do get it, you can still proceed in life just like before, albeit a little bit slowed down.